Chow-Snork was banished, and he was penisless.

My friend Keanu von Fagerström wrote this short story, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Icelandic sagas about outlaws: (EDIT [July 10]: It just occurred to me that this story is also uncannily similar to the ancient Egyptian Tale of Two Brothers, from the 13th century BC. Seriously, read the synopsis [or read the entire […]

Götzen-Dämmerung, oder, wie man mit dem Hammer philosophiert

Remember how I said that the gods would return to show their might? As always, my predictions were accurate (and I don’t even have a völva), as Thor is alive and well and dishing out divine justice in Ohio: Also gathered along Union Road were Franklin twins and storm chasers Levi and Seth Walsh, who […]

your military arms

So I haven’t been writing anything lately about all the newest crimes of the political class and the moneyed interests, let alone posting any of my poems (I remain quite prolific), as I’ve been trying to finish some projects which I’ll probably reveal here when they are done. But this video was too disturbing to […]

futile system

In 2008, I expected a lot of nasty shit to go down after Obama took office. I can’t say, however, that I could have anticipated that it would be the so-called liberals in Congress who would deal the final death blow to the dream of socialized medicine and real healthcare reform. To anyone who supports […]

stack overflow

In America, this posting and this blog are the disjointed screeds of violent right-wing extremists. For contrast, here is an example of a serious and cogent contribution to our political discourse: WALLACE: How hard do you think President Obama would be to defeat in 2012? PALIN: It depends on a few things, say he played […]

go fuck yourself, Google

OK, so it’s bad enough that Google knows all my private conversations and preferences in pornography (have I told you about my Lutheran deaconess fetish?*). And then there’s this creepy NSA collaboration business. Since when is a surveillance agency in the business of cybersecurity anyway? (Although it’s not really a huge surprise.) And how about […]

God’s third mistake

From page 28 of The Poodle: An Owner’s Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet by Virginia Parker Guidry, here is the most Zappaesque story ever: Duc proved himself a clown one evening at a “pompous” dinner party. He had been left upstairs, in case some of the guests did not like dogs; one senses that […]

the year we make contact

So Poetariat has been silent for a while, but I guess Smokehouse is probably working, and I’ve been putting some effort into my own personal projects. When finished, said projects may or may not be the subject of a future post. I also have a variety of subjects I’ve been meaning to write about, but […]

oh boy

Here are some interesting news stories I read this morning: RI Gov. Don Carcieri, already known for his authoritarian bent, legalizes police rape (did you know that in areas where prostitution is illegal, a prostitute is more likely to have sex with a police officer than to get arrested by one?) provisions of leaked ACTA […]