I want a garden where the flowers have no flowers

Here’s an article about what passes for poetry at the White House. I personally prefer Barack’s own poetry (only the cave-ape one — the other one is tl;dr unless you read it as thinly veiled geronterotica, in which case TTJO). Speaking of the dawn of man, some scientists think that Neanderthals went extinct because our […]

from the torture memos

We recognize that as a matter of diplomacy, the United States may for various reasons in various circumstances call another nation to account for practices that may in some respects resemble conduct in which the United States might in some circumstances engage, covertly or otherwise. Diplomatic relations with regard to foreign countries are not reliable […]

jedermann sein eigner Stylo

Hi! I was going to write another post complaining about stuff I dislike about the Obama administration, but news stories kept piling up before I could find time to write editorial comments about all of them. So just do what I do and read Glenn Greenwald. How can he type that fast? Some highlights (not […]

every crystal that crawled up your nose has helped to create the economic power base for a worldwide secret government

(note: this post’s title is a Zappa quote) Hey, remember how the other day Obama (exhibiting his usual supercilious mien) laughed off the question of marijuana legalization, saying “I don’t think that is a good strategy to grow our economy”? And remember those recent DEA raids in San Francisco? Maybe the story behind Barry’s newfound […]

a hot stinging liquid was then poured into open wounds on his penis where he had been cut

I’ve been meaning to write about President Obama’s implicit support for penile torture. Glenn Greenwald had a pretty comprehensive summary. Basically what the Obama administration has done is apply the Bush administration position on the state secrets privilege: the expansive use of the privilege to get entire cases thrown out of court, whereas earlier administrations […]

all cats have Asperger syndrome

My friend Jason sent me the following e-mail: Space Kat Today Joey revealed to me his space ship which he used to get to this planet. He also telepathically hacked my computer with his mind and made the attached images appear on my Desktop. He then communicated to me that these images are of him […]


Here‘s a Devo song that should be rewritten for Dick Cheney: he got big and fat and he was ridin’ high makin’ lots of cash trashin’ others’ lives now Cheney’s in a wheelchair and I don’t care Anyway, what did everyone think of Elizabeth Alexander’s inaugural poem? I think mine was better. The news on […]

everybody in this room is wearing a uniform

Frank Zappa, style icon? (found here) Trendsetters are rushing to buy the “261 top” – with the latest star to wear it being American Idol judge Randy Jackson. He wore it next to Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul on the hit show at the weekend. The unlikely fashion trend goes back to 1980 and an […]