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Hi! I was going to write another post complaining about stuff I dislike about the Obama administration, but news stories kept piling up before I could find time to write editorial comments about all of them. So just do what I do and read Glenn Greenwald. How can he type that fast?

Some highlights (not all bad) from the news from the past several weeks:
Obama worse than Bush on wiretapping
CIA closing secret prisons (but as for Bagram, see below)
Obama on habeas corpus
Gravel says that Obama’s rhetoric on nuclear weapons is just “Cold War déjà-vu.” I’m not sure — I think even disingenuous vows to rid the world of nukes can serve the function of pushing the issue back into the political discourse.
more on Binyam Mohamed and US pressure on the UK to suppress evidence of torture
Spanish attorney general rejects investigation of Bush officials
continuing torture at Guantanamo (Can you imagine being there from age 14 to 21? That’s like high school and college.)
NSA abuses (surprise, surprise)
which member of Congress was (almost) wiretapped?
torture memos released, and CIA torturers won’t be prosecuted (unlike the agents of a certain twentieth-century regime who used the same tactics in Norway)
gays more discomforting than killing other humans
RIAA takeover of the Justice Department
high-speed rail
see also

But fuck it. I’m going to post about the latest advances in semen art.

As you may know, I’m a big proponent of using one’s genitals in one’s art (and an occasional practitioner — more on this later, hopefully). I also spend a lot of time programming in Pure Data. So I was delighted to see 23N!’s Sound of Life. How did we ever live without sperm soccer? More photos here. Videos: Sound of Life, sperm soccer (salient quote: “This is my semen, so I always win!” This is my new mantra.)

It is modern art that your two-year-old could NOT do. (For more semen art, see Marcel Duchamp, Andres Serrano, Dash Snow, and the Spermcube. I’m too lazy to track down notable menstrual art at the moment, so if anyone wants a post on that, ask Smokehouse to write it.)

Also note that the microscope the artist used is distributed by Highlights for Children. Gallant magnifies paramecia from a jar of pond water. Goofus, on the other hand…

Speaking of wanking, my friend Jason has a new business venture you should check out if you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor of this Singularity thing. As the Who did not say, “Cryogenics looks awful cold / I hope I upload before I get old.”

And finally, Ride and Bent by Asakusa Jinta is a brilliant song. I enjoy the way the vocals initially sound like a cross between Indian bols and “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls (also cf.).

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  1. You’re welcome! Stay tuned for our upcoming post on our performance last month in Bushwick entitled YES WE DID mutilate your genitals, or, the Story of the Obama Administration as Told by Icelanders in the Year 961 BB (Before Barack). There will be gonads (mine), fake blood (mine within the diegesis of the performance), and menses (not mine).

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