ars magna

I haven’t posted any of my own poetry for a while, but hopefully I’ll post new creative works soon. But here is a great anagrammatic poem you should read. And here is a 1996 New York Times book review by Douglas Hofstadter with some other examples of stunt poetry (basically the literary equivalent of stunt guitar), including one totally cunning stunt by Bonita C. Miller, who hasn’t written anything else that I can find on Google.

Here is an index of literary anagrams, naturally including some by Mike Keith, one of the transcendent geniuses of our time. His Cadaeic Cadenza is required reading, or at least required skimming.

The Lester Bangs manqués of the poetry-industrial complex might dismiss such pyrotechnics as extraneous to the goals of real poetry, but they can go fuck themselves (preferably with rolled-up copies of “Praise Song For the Day”).

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