fuck off, I’m voting for Nader

This year’s Olympics of Banality are turning out AWESOME. Here’s a poem about consumer politics in America, specifically the pathetic Obama movement. I wrote most of it a few months ago. It’s in all lowercase with minimal punctuation because I didn’t want the typography to interrupt the doucheflow. It’s still pretty rough, but that’s the nature of topical political poetry.


i’m convinced barack is a new kind of politician
my obama sneakers are limited edition
i got an obama vinyl figurine from japan
i circuit-bent my speak and spell to say “yes we can”

i played my ukulele on the new obama jingle
i wrote an obama chiptune; it’s my new 7″ single
the record drops november, so mccain is sure to lose
the liner notes are quotes from articles by gilles deleuze

wait until he wins, and then you can disparage
till then, keep your goddamn mouth shut about equal rights to marriage
shepard fairey drew his halo, so you wouldn’t want to smudge it
don’t want to hear you whine about our military budget
or how iraqis feel about our war of occupation
and how we’re number one in global prison population—

what’s that you say? barack’s a suave but gutless opportunist?
fuck you, i like him better than the entire nurse with wound list
our postpartisan god-king is past your antiquated labels
so his need to get elected means your rights are off the table
he’s got to win the swing states coming off as independent—
hold on a second there, what happened to the fourth amendment?

since he won the nomination, barack’s becoming quite a jerk—
guess now i’ll have to say that i preferred his early work.


Don’t expect me to waste brain cells on a Palin-McCain poem. I will leave “Palin-Dromes” as an exercise to the reader.

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