Thank you for your pohickory subsequent to iteration Maginot Line. However, your wornil was not selected for the first sprinkle iteration.

I wrote this little baroque-flarf gem in maybe early 2004 (although parts of it are older) and submitted it to a student publication at my alma mater. They rejected it, because they are idiots.

the dying sonnet sacrifices its only begotten spazz-bastard for the future

midget abortion trash
sang in starry night of shit
blinking fast and heavy
you motherfucker.

fungible twat binge
spanking slick thrifty
shrimp tits slumped in lanky puce
your duodenum.

stab at it
nun blob grimace;
her pumicey smile like smogbloom
in retching dawn,
electric stargazers and axolotls
gavotting across the orbs.

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