four unrelated poems

pleonastic neoplasm sliced spasm, a tumor fluoresces silver gleaming white in hypernova gamma ray bursts and vulvar ectoplasm platinum coruscates; an epileptic caesura scintillating, throbbing, flashing hemicrania aura planarians, electrodes, the bicameral mind I forgot what I was going to write here horse clitoris! buck naked, a cunt-baked bundt cake sat in the slot of […]

Thank you for your pohickory subsequent to iteration Maginot Line. However, your wornil was not selected for the first sprinkle iteration.

I wrote this little baroque-flarf gem in maybe early 2004 (although parts of it are older) and submitted it to a student publication at my alma mater. They rejected it, because they are idiots. the dying sonnet sacrifices its only begotten spazz-bastard for the future midget abortion trash sang in starry night of shit blinking […]