four unrelated poems

pleonastic neoplasm

sliced spasm, a tumor fluoresces
silver gleaming white in hypernova gamma ray bursts and vulvar ectoplasm
platinum coruscates; an epileptic caesura scintillating, throbbing, flashing hemicrania aura
planarians, electrodes, the bicameral mind
I forgot what I was going to write here
horse clitoris!

buck naked,
a cunt-baked bundt cake
sat in the slot of a slatternly sort
scabrous frabjous flab—scavenging ravenous love—
a bun in the oven? none of the above

a hovering hodmandod, governing Novgorod
we thanked for the thimble he wanked on at Wimbledon
brevity is the soul of wit
but levity
is a bowl
of shit.

morricone macaroni

loving ape ass in Sargasso
and cerveza:
I’m May.
loving ape ass in surpassing
poor two Jews:
Hello, May!
ill foe due to poor fair anchor,
apian pearl! poor lay? differ!
may porn tondo vote schwa shepherd
jubilee lay lace on the air!

byzantine celadon, the dimmest glimpse of thrips
an alabaster blob, clabbered and black, gurgles hymns to slimness
enthralled and slavering for a smirking green crablike flautist, he picks a farty bass
by the Barcelona semicolonnade
the sunlight through cedars illuminates golden grass
on the horizon Hueys strafing and napalm fires burning
sclerotic fuzz grifting

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