Norsemen of the apocalypse

I designed some signs/stickers/posters to help you protest the suffocating banality of life under modern capitalism:

print size, SVG

print size, SVG

print size, SVG

You’re welcome, world.

(images ripped off respectively from the Lewis chessmen, the Tjängvide image stone, and the Stora Hammar I image stone)

(The SVG versions render somewhat inaccurately in my browser and probably yours, but the point of uploading them is so you can open them in a vector graphics program, preferably Inkscape.)

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  1. (two months later because I forgot to log in here for a while)

    I don’t mind at all, thanks!

    I must admit that I found the “Klan” thing rather distressing until I realized that it’s the ordinary Swedish word for “clan.” Hopefully that’s the only intended meaning.

    (edit: posts like this and this freak me out, but I have no idea whether Wotan Klan is really a crypto-racist or just someone with a sociological interest in all forms of Norse revivalism. Either way, I’m not going to tell people they can’t reblog my work, seeing as how sharing is a human right.)

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