all cats have Asperger syndrome, cont’d

I got some more e-mails from my friend Jason:

It happened again.

Just as I had finished putting my laundry away, I felt that mysterious buzz inside my head and suddenly found myself in pure white surroundings, with only Joey’s face before me. I had no body of my own; it was like I was nothingness existing in front of the image of Joey’s head, which seemed about 3 feet across. I could see it in perfect detail. His eyes stared directly into my line of sight, and I could not turn away or blink. In a sudden flash he transferred what seemed an entire movie’s worth of dialog and imagery. I think I am still coming to terms with it but the essence of it was that humanity will soon be faced with a choice: a crossroads from which we can’t go back and change our minds once we decide the course. In my mind I wondered what he meant, and he telepathically answered that it would soon be apparent. The next thing I knew I was getting up from the floor by my bed. I immediately went over to check my laptop to see if he had left anything for me; this time it was a single ominous image. I asked Joey if I could share this knowledge with others, and he told me “Only with those whom you trust.”


Only after you’ve lost everything are you free to do anything.jpg

Re: It happened again. (Update)

I know many of you probably don’t believe me, but that’s okay. I am fulfilling my obligation to Joey by telling you these things and that is all I am concerned with. Today, after giving him his treats, I asked if he could give me any small hint about what he meant last night about the “choice” we would soon face (bribing him with an extra helping of treats). He answered “In this world, the comfortable, in seeking to avoid discomfort for themselves create misery for others. They can either continue or stop.” That is all he was willing, or perhaps allowed, to say. All I can say is that I sincerely hope you keep Joey’s sage admonition to heart, and consider the choice you would make should such a choice be offered to you.

I also took this opportunity to inquire as to what his real name was, before he came to Earth. He told me that among members of his kind, they are known and referenced not by labels but by the things they have done.

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