ich hab’ keine Lust meine Pflicht zu erfüllen

Inspired by Nirvana’s “Scentless Apprentice” and Nina Hagen’s “Unbeschreiblich Weiblich,” I wrote some more song titles along the same lines:

Phallogocentric Shmendrick
Abstruse Masseuse
Engorged Geordi LaForge
Collegiate Eedjit
Skinny-assed Cineaste
Genderqueer Engineer
Freestyling Skræling

(I should note that “unbeschreiblich weiblich,” being adjectival, doesn’t technically fit in with these, but what the fuck.)

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2 Responses to “ich hab’ keine Lust meine Pflicht zu erfüllen”

  1. Kerry Says:

    I had a whirlwind romance with Skinny-assed Cineaste for a while until he dumped me in order to campaign for Obama.

  2. Moral Authority Says:

    Obamaphilia is a boner killer.

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