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Do you live in Rhode Island?

Do you think that the state needs to stop interfering with people’s private lives?

Do you think that when a proposed law is advocated by the police, the Attorney General, and the Catholic Church, but opposed by every significant civil liberties and human rights group, that’s usually a sign that it’s a bad idea?

Do you think that Roger Williams had the right idea when he came up with the whole “separation of church and state” thing?

Do you think there’s already enough Mafia activity around here?

Do you dislike it when hookers get beaten by pimps, raped by cops, and murdered by the Craigslist Killer?

Do you think the state is already spending too much on incarcerating people when we’re broke and everyone is unemployed?

Then you should call your state legislators and tell them that they need to keep prostitution legal. You can find some compelling reasons to do so here.

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