suing someone for a blog post is totally not psychotic

So you may have heard about this awful court ruling. Basically an anonymous blogger referred to a model as a “psychotic, lying, whoring, still going to clubs at her age, skank.” Keep in mind that this blog had “only five posts on it, all written on a single day.” So naturally said model, who is Canadian and therefore adheres to the fucked-up attitudes toward free speech prevalent there (not that we don’t have a fucked-up attitude toward free speech in the US as well), and who is not at all a crazy litigious bitch, sued Google to find out who the blogger was, so she could sue him or her for defamation. Also, she thinks people hate her because she’s beautiful. What did Laurie Anderson once say about that?

So I was reading the news stories about this and found a surprising number of articles taking Cohen’s side, including this charming piece from the reliably inane Feministing (if you’re in the enviable position of never having read anything on Feministing, here’s a brief summary). It’s so totally empowering to think of women as delicate flowers who need the State to suppress speech (this tactic has never ever had unintended consequences) to protect them from the silent Holocaust of internet trolling, which is right up there with gang rape when it comes to crimes against women. After all, what good has anonymous speech ever done? KEEP STICKING IT TO THE PATRIARCHY, FEMINISTING.

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