the violence of the sun

[I should note that a) after I scanned this, I realized that some parts were unfinished and changed them, so now it looks different, but I’m not fucking scanning it again, and b) you can see that I spilled ink in a couple of places.

Also, I was going to put some music here too so you could have a synaesthetic experience, but I’m saving most of it for later. And then I was going to put some of my over-15-minute ambient explorations, but who wants to waste bandwidth on that shit? And I didn’t make them for you; I MADE THEM FOR MY DOG. She is very aesthetically evolved.]

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  1. I like very much zees gaping anoos in zee meedle of your drawing; for as you know in my Philosophie dans le boudoir, I famously say, “Ah, my dear Eugénie! If you only knew how delicious it feels to hae a big cock fill your butt, to shove it in all the way to the balls and ardently thump it back and forth, to pull it out all the way to the foreskin and then thrust it back down to the hair!” On peut le trouver aux pages 87-88 dans l’édition anglaise.

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